about the jerk

  • if you want a serious travel site, you've come to the wrong place. standard travel blogs announcing the beauty of this place and that are a dime a dozen. hence, my website's rich and non-educational content targets the low-brow humor audience, a niche overlooked far too long. in other words, i'm bringing as many dong and poo jokes as i possibly can; it's the product of daily childhood beatings and being raised in a reinforced steel cage.
  • as a wanna-be photographer, one day, i'd love to actually get paid for this. (i'm available for hire but more importantly, available for adoption). i generally release new photos once a month so if you can stomach the amateurish writing and limitless juvenile jokes about stereotypical cultural differences, sign up for blog and/or photo notifications (left side of this page).
  • it's been a long traveling journey so far. 6 years finished to be exact and as of this writing (September 26, 2008), 4 more years to go.
  • in case you missed it, i was beaten mercilessly as a child. as a result, donations are graciously accepted (paypal, mastercard, visa and gold futures, only).
  • after all of this nonsense, if you still take this site's content seriously, you might as well submit your brain/body for scientific research or for conversion into a steamy hot mulch. but before you do, please include me in your will.
  • i tend to receive hate mail from people who don't speak english as a first language. if you are one of these people that don't understand the humor potential of harrassment and degradation, go away immediately because the point of my idiotic comments are completely lost on you. here's a hint: "the jerk" means the asshole. i'll be the first to admit all most of my jokes are poorly thought out, tasteless and possibly offensive but i more often turn the insults on myself than others. if you find offense, leave this site immediately and go to a more positive and inspirational website (e.g. http://www.dietcoke.com or http://happyhappyjoyjoy.com/).
  • for the record, i love this form of independant travel and meeting the incredibly friendly and welcoming people of every country... except the british and canadians and pretty much the citizens of countries south of the equator... and north of the equator... and east of the international date line. and west.
  • you're all idiots.

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  • hate mail is welcome and heartily encouraged... but only from native english speakers, please!
  • despite my massive workload, i reply to all emails and blog comments (even the ones written by pinheads and the chromosomally-deficient).
  • Diet Coke, if you're emailing to sponsor me, i gladly accept. "Great taste has its benefits!" "Coke is it!" "Always Coca-cola!"

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  • Diet Coke. you've made an otherwise worthless life, bearable.